Solo Backpack Leaf Blower 467



Solo Backpack Leaf Blower 467
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Equipped with a 66.5cc petrol engine this powerful backpack leaf blower from Solo generates up to 824cfm of air volume allowing you to quickly and easily clear your lawn, path and driveway of leaves and other debris and with only 94db engine volume, won't even upset the neighbours.

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This powerful backpack leaf blower from Solo comes equipped with a 66.5cc engine with Nikasil cylinder coating coating to generate a fan air volume of max. 824 cfm.
It's aluminium crankcase and high quality engine components allow for increased power output even under high temperature operating conditions. The machine also operates with great fuel efficiency allowing for reduced emissions and a better performance.
Why buy Solo?
  • Only 94db running noise, which is low compared to similar alternative blowers
  • Durable Aluminium crankshaft as standard for increased longevity of product life
  • Anti-Vibration system to reduce impact on shoulder straps and backrest for a more comfortable experience
  • Broad shoulder straps and a quick-release harness ensures additonal comfort for operator
  • Efficient engine with a catalytic convertor allows up to two hours use on a single tank of fuel
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Solo
Power Source Petrol
Air Speed 107.3 mph
Air Volume 824 cfm
Functions Blower
Starting Method Pull Start
Harness Backpack