This powerful petrol grass trimmer and brush cutter from Kaaz is the ideal tool to help keep your garden in shape and tackle any overgrown bush or thick brambles around your garden. This robust grass trimmer has been expertly crafted to ensure a long and productive service life with uncompromising performance.
Powerful Performance
The beating heart of this powerful petrol strimmer is it’s 42.7cc Mitsubishi TLE Series Engine. The engine on this grass trimmer is super low on emissions and has been designed to consume up to 35% less fuel than previous engines within the range, while also producing up to 10% more power.
Lightweight Design
A key benefit that aids in the performance of this petrol grass trimmer from Kaaz is it’s lightweight. The grass trimmer weighs in at just 7.7kg making it lighter than some 33cc brush cutters. But don’t be fooled by its light weight. A combination of expert engineering and attention to detail has made this grass trimmer a tough and durable piece of garden machinery that packs a powerful punch.
Interchangeable Heads
This petrol grass trimmer and brush cutter comes equipped with a nylon head and 3-tooth blade. The nylon head is ideal for trimming a top layer of long grass, tidying up the edges around your lawn, or tackling patches of grass that your lawn mower can’t reach. While the interchangeable 3-tooth blade is perfect to tearing into any thick and overgrown areas of brush or thick brambles.  Like every Kazz grass trimmer and brushcutter, the VS400 also features a ‘Tap n Go’ nylon strimmer head. This tap n go feature allows you to easily reload your grass trimmer with additional nylon line with a simple tap to the ground.
Comfortable Operation
User comfort is another important feature of this petrol grass trimmer. Kaaz’s VS400 strimmer comes equipped with a cow horn style handle bars which provides the operator with a firm grip as well as a full harness. The harness allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the machine, which minimizes stress on your back and allows for a more comfortable use over extended periods.






7.7 kg