Mountfield Princess 38Li Freedom48 38cm (15") 48v Cordless Lawn Mower



Mountfield Princess 38Li Freedom48 38cm (15") 48v Cordless Lawn Mower

Cordless mowers are becoming increasingly popular, the Princess 38Li is powered by a Lithium-Ion 48V 2Ah battery pack, two batteries are included providing plenty of power to easily cut a medium sized lawn on a single charge.
This very modern Mountfield mower is packed with features and benefits, including the rear roller for that desirable striped finish and mulching plug to reduce cutting time.
Part of the Freedom48 range - the 48 volt batteries can be used the power a range of cordless garden tools.

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If you’re looking for a new electric lawnmower, consider the Mountfield 48V Princess 38Li cordless lawnmower. There's no mains electric cable to drag behind you or get snagged in plants and garden furniture, or worse still get cut by the blade.  Simply click your battery into place and you’re ready to mow.
You’ll get nearly an hour’s mowing from just one charge of the 2 x 2Ah batteries – (a class leading Lithium-Ion power pack, that’s supplied with charger as standard). If required, once you have used the first battery you can then put it on charge and use the second battery, and then put the first battery that has been on charge back in the mower when the second is exhausted and continue to mow.  You can continue to cycle the batteries in this way to enable you to keep working.  The DigiTorq brushless motor also has intelligent energy-saving technology to maximise performance.
The Princess 38Li has a vision window, so you can see when the 40L capacity collector is full. If you don’t want to collect, your grass clippings can be discharged via the rear deflector or insert the mulching plug supplied, to blow cuttings deep into the turf and return valuable nutrients to the soil.  Height of cut is also easy to adjust through a lever.
From the fully folding handles to the large diameter rear wheels and integrated rear roller, this is a premium quality cordless mower.   The underside of the cutting deck features an anti-scalp combm, which improves the cutting finish and enhances collection.  The rear roller between the wheels gives that desirable striped effect when used on the lower cutting heights.  The rear roller has the additional benefit of prevent scalping when cutting clost to the edge of the lawn.
With no cable or fuel worries, the virtually silent, stylish and easy to use Princess 38Li is a natural choice, and a great introduction to a range of superb battery powered garden tools.
The Princess 38Li lawnmower is part of the Freedom48V cordless range. One powerful 48V battery, multiple garden tools.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Mountfield
Garden Size Small
Cutting Deck Polypropylene
Cutting Type Rotary
Power Source Cordless / Battery
Design Type Rear Roller
Power Details 48V Lithium Ion Batter
Cutting Functions 3-in-1: Collection, Mulch, Rear Discharge
Cutting Height 25-65 mm
Cutting Width 38cm (15")
Propulsion Self-Propelled
Grass Collector 40 litres
Adjustments 1 lever, 7 stage
Roller Feature (Stripes) Yes
Starting Method Push Button Start
Mulching Function Yes