Mountfield 1538H-SD Ride On Lawn Mower



Mountfield 1538H-SD Ride On Lawn Mower
Item 5M-1538H-SD GGP

The 1538H-SD ride on lawn mower from Mountfield is the perfect mower for those who don’t wish to collect their grass clippings. This lawn mower mulches your clippings, which provides vital nutrients back into your soil. It’s great for your lawn and also great for saving time, as there’s no need to climb on and off the mower to empty the grass bag. It comes equipped with a powerful 452cc Mountfield engine with hydrostatic transmission and wide 98cm cutting deck. You can also choose from 7 different cutting heights ranging from 25mm – 80mm. Your desired cutting height can be easily selected with a single lever.

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This ride on lawn mower from Mountfield can save you up to 30% on the time spent mowing your lawn. Its mulching feature eliminates the need to stop and empty your grass bag, which means you can mow for longer and get the job done quicker. Mulching your grass clippings is also a great way of providing a natural fertilizer back in to your soil. Mulched grass is rich in potash and nitrogen, which are both key ingredients for healthy soil.  Mulched grass is also extremely fine, so you won’t notice it sitting on the surface of your lawn. It will work its way back into your turf and give your lawn and much healthier look over the course of the cutting season.
The Mountfield 1538H-SD ride on mower is also driven by a powerful 452cc Mountfield 7750 OHV Series engine. This ride one lawn mower also comes equipped with a hydrostatic transmission. Simply press forward on the pedal to move forward, the harder you press the faster you move. The same also applies for the reverse function. Simply press the back pedal adjusting the weight applied to suit the speed. Coupled with its light steering and tight turning circle, this allows for great a maneuverability and saves on the need to switch gears.
It’s 98cm/36” cutting deck offers a wide cut across your lawn and easily adjustable height setting range from 25mm – 80mm.
Some other great features include an electromagnetic blade engagement mechanism, a tow bar and a wash facility on the deck. It’s important to wash your deck out after each cut to avoid any grass build up. Allowing grass to cake up on your mower deck can lead to rust as the clipping decompose and produces acids.
If you would like any advice or technical support on this mower then pop down to your local Gardencare Dealer who can be found within our Dealer Locator.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Mountfield
Transmission Type Hydrostatic
Power Source Petrol
Power Details 452cc Mountfield 7750 Series
Cutting Functions Mulch, Side Discharge
Garden Size Large
Cutting Width 84cm (33")
Cutting Height 25mm - 80mm
Grass Collector 240 litres
Zero Turn No
Adjustments 1 Lever, 7 Stage
Mulching Function Yes
Starting Method Key Start