Gardencare 175lb Trailed Drop Spreader



Gardencare 175lb Trailed Drop Spreader
Item 5E-AC31511
This heavy duty, towed drop spreader features a corrosion resistant plastic hopper, making it perfect for spreading seed, weed killer, fertilizer and road salt. A practical addition for any all-terrain vehicle or ride-on lawnmower.


This model has pneumatic tyres and a spreading width of approx 40,000 sq ft and a capacity 175lb - Approx Spread Width 42" - Overall width 52".
- Frame: Trailed/Pin Hitch
- Material: Polyurethane
- Type: Drop Spreader
- Tyres: Pneumatic 12.5"
- Weight: 175lb
- Spread Width: 105cm / 42"
- Overall Width: 130cm / 52"
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Additional Information

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