Greenworks G40B2 2Ah G-MAX 40v Battery

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Greenworks G40B2 2Ah G-MAX 40v Battery
Item 2G-29717
This 2.0Ah 40v G-MAX lithium ion battery is compatible with all Greenworks 40v G-MAX products and incorporates inbuilt LEDs to allow you to ascertain battery status with the press of a button.

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Unlike traditional batteries, lithium ion batteries do not suffer from a memory effect and therefore offer you continuous, fade free power. Lasting up to 3 times longer than old-fashioned Ni-Cad batteries, they allow you to get more done in-between charges. Retaining their power for up to 6 months, remarkably you can charge your battery in Autumn, ready for use in Spring.
Greenworks' 40v G-MAX batteries incorporate on-board diagnostic LEDs, which usefully allow you to see just how much power you have remaining at any time.
Greenworks lithium ion batteries are available in a choice of 2Ah and 4Ah capacities - the higher the capacity, the longer the run time. Whilst run times will vary dependent upon application and tool, this 2Ah battery provides up to 18 minutes operation when using Greenworks 35cm 40v lawnmower - compared with approximately 40 minutes when using the 4Ah equivalent.
 * Greenworks 2Ah G-MAX 40v Battery
Please note this battery is only suitable for use with Greenworks G-MAX 40v tools and machinery. It is not suitable for use with other voltages, nor is it suitable for use with products supplied by other manufacturers.
A charger is not supplied as standard with this battery and must be purchased separately.
- Battery capacity 2Ah
- Power value 40V
- Charging time 60min
- Weight 0.84kg
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Additional Information

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